Kashmir pashmina VS cashmere

Is your Kashmir Pashmina shawl, wrap or stole the best in the world? What are the differences between Cashmere and Pashmina?

Kashmiri Pashmina can be measured in as low as 12 to 14 microns, the finest of all wools. For reference, Cashmere is thicker coming in at about 19 microns. As higher weaving technique is required in smaller pieces, as well as scarcity of Kashmiri Pashmina, its product is luxurious.

Kashmir Pashmina, the inner hair from the underbelly and throat area of the Capra Hircus from mountain goat, possesses incredibly insulating properties. Cashmere wool is obtained from Cashmere and other goats, whose wool may not be suitable in providing better insulating properties.